Can bumpers be customized?

- Yes. All bumpers are designed and built in house. This means some customization is possible from custom lights bar setup to company names cut in the bumper.

What are bumpers coated with and what colours are available.

- Our bumpers are sprayed with a 2 part anti corrosion epoxy primer then coated with rock guard followed by a UV protection clear coat to keep the colours looking fresh. We can match all vehicle colour codes, though exact matches cannot be guaranteed due to difference in texture. When colour matching bumpers, the bumper is painted with the trucks code followed by a clear coat.

Do bush bumpers affect insurance?

- Bumpers do not affect insurance. The only thing you must do if you have installed a bush bumper on your truck is let the insurance company know and send a receipt in the case of a collision just to ensure they cover your bumper. Most insurance companies, in the case of an animal strike or damage to factory bumper, will pay for an aftermarket bumper rather then replace with a factory bumper.

What kind of steel do you use and how thick?

-All of our bumpers are made with mild steel. The shell of the bumpers are made using 3/16". Mounting brackets and internal gussets are made with 1/4".

Are bumpers fully welded?

- Yes, our bumpers are fully welded inside and out as well as inspected before being coated. We eliminate any welds possible with bends. All Bumpers are tacked and welded in a jig to ensure fitment. We provide comprehensive warranty against any workmanship defects.

Do bumpers come with warranty?

-Yes, all of our products come with limited lifetime warranty. We fully stand behind our products. Our business has been built on quality and will continue to do so.

How difficult are bumpers to mount?

-The hardest part of mounting our bumpers is removing the factory bumper! Bumpers are mounted using our mounting brackets and hardware that is included with every bumper. There is no drilling required. Bumpers mount directly to frame using factory holes in the frame. With our mounting setup the bumpers are adjustable up and down, side to side, as well as tilting forward and back to make sure the bumper fits perfect on the truck.  We also offer Install Instructions on the website if installing yourself!