What makes Our Bumpers Stand Out Among The Rest!

What makes Our Bumpers Stand Out Among The Rest!

Custom Bumpers

When looking for a custom truck bumper quality should be always at the top of your mind. At Misguided Industries we pride ourselves on delivering the very best bumpers money can buy. This may be a claim you've seen from other companies but know that every single one of our bumpers raises the bar on what you should be looking for most, these being:

Superior Welds

What's the point of purchasing a custom bumper when it could end up breaking due to poor welding in the next five years. At Misguided Industries we take the time to perfect our welds, to ensure that our product will outlast your vehicle.


We are here to give our customers the option to find a bumper that is just what they're looking for. That's why Misguided Industries offers a variety of customization Options when it comes to bumper style as well as colour and finish. Keep in mind that no matter what option you choose our durable coatings can stand up to the toughest conditions the Canadian outdoors can offer.

Heavy Duty Mounting

If your vehicle fits the necessary requirements for one of our bumpers then you can be sure that one's mounted you are not going to need to worry about your new bad ass bumper going anywhere. In the past we have seen customers who have In the past decided to go with other companies And found that after time their bumpers have started to loosen from the mounting. When you shop with Misguided Industries know that your bumper will stay snug and secure to your mount and we guarantee a perfect fit.

Lifetime Warranty

Now all these other points would mean nothing if you don't have the balls to back it up. That's why we offer a lifetime warranty on all of our bumpers! That is how much we believe in our product. And the fact of the matter is if you don't see a lifetime warranty from other suppliers then you're most likely going to run into some serious issues with your bumper down the road.